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Localization Specialists

Options for subtitling to be added to your video and  text based subtitling files in a variety of formats (.srt, stl, xml, ...ext.)

Graphics for your videos using After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Final Cut Pro, Vegas and more!

Our process localizing for your media utilizes our experienced project managers, voice directors, and foriegn language voice talent to receive successful results!


"Let us provide you with multimedia solutions to a broader global market!"


It all starts with having the experience, knowledge and resources to succeed! 

                 Not every localization job can follow the same work model.  At Ear Balm Audio Video we follow 6 key steps to insure your localization is done right the first time, every time!

6 Keys to Successful Localization

  1.  Communication with you at every stage of the process

  2.  A customized work flow that is tailored to suite your project

  3.  An impeccable focus on your message, goals and brand

  4.  A comprehensive knowledge of your project

  5.  Meticulous attention to production details

  6.  An experienced and pragmatic approach to problem-solving


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