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  We have more than 12 years experience localization and over 20 years in media production.  The increasing popularity of interactive and multimedia content has created a need for production teams knowledgeable in technology, as well as language, cultural aspects, and target audience. Not all languages can be localized using the same exact process.  Ear Balm Audio Video has the experience and resources to help you get your message across in any language and culture while avoiding the common pitfalls that many other localization companies fall into.

  Our localization process includes, assessing translating text, adapting graphics and changing data and technical terminology of a product. A final product that has been accurately localized may look and feel different from its English counterpart to some degree but conveys the appropriate message to that target audience. You don’t have to be a localization strategy expert to make your project a success. We will guide you through the questions pertinent to successfully localize your project. Our team consists of native speaking voice over talent for every language. They’ll take your content to the next level and ensure that your audience understands it 100% of the time. Find A Voice now to start localizing the audio for your next project.

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