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Flags of different countries on high fla


  Ear Balm Audio Video provides comprehensive Flash, graphic and animation services to completely localize all your media and take it to the next level. Our talented graphic designers are skilled in a variety of programs ranging from Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash to After Effects, and Vegas Pro to Final Cut X.

  Our exceptional Flash and After Effects graphic replacement services-along with our voice over production-will instantly give you a final localized product with innovative design and compelling sequences that will set your production apart from other companies. We have the ability to localize text to any foreign language text. Our technicians are trained to solve issues during importing and converting your projects into foreign language character sets and our graphic designers will provide the creative input to set your company or client’s company apart.

  Have the original software project files?  Send it over and we can quickly turn your Final Cut, Adobe Illustrator, or After Effects file into your desired localized language. Don't have the original software source files? No Problem! Send us the original media source and we will do the rest! For a sample of some of our localized graphic work please go to Our Graphics Reel.

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