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  All subtitling jobs are supervised by a producer as well as executed and reviewed by someone native to the subtitled language. Ear Balm Audio Video provides broadcast-quality subtitles and captions (both open and closed) for digital or analog video. Our professionals can help to ensure that your subtitles are delivered in a format that professionally represents your creative process. 

  For subtitles printed onto the video, we offer a variety of options. These options vary in size, location, font, color, whether an outline, shadowed box, or drop shadow is preferred or a complete resizing of the video so that subtitles do not interfere with any visuals going on in the video.  For a complete list of open caption subtitling, please visit Our Subtitling Options page.

  Closed caption subtitle files can be used for DVD authoring or other web multimedia platforms such as Quicktime, Real Player, Hulu, YouTube and allows the users to turn on or turn off the subtitle track at their own will. Our closed caption file format is provided but not limited to: .xml, .sub, .srt, .ssl, .ssa, .scc, .txt, .ttml .ult, .cap, .onl, pac and many more!

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