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Voice Casting

  The voice talent at Ear Balm Audio Video  are some of the best in the world. That's true whether you need fresh young voices or experienced actors, union or non-union talent, we have them in our database of over 3,000 Voice talent!  Our studios located between New York’s Broadway and Penn Station giving us access to an amazing amount of talented actors and broadcasters. We can do custom auditions with client-supplied scripts in order to fulfill character descriptions and specific requirements for your project.
  Our experienced casting directors can work with your in-house marketing/voice branding experts or work with your advertising agency to find the perfect match for your project's needs.

  We just don't have a huge catalog of voice talent in English VO.  Our list of foreign language talent is very long. Need to cast 16 Japanese talent, 10 Brazilian Portuguese talent, or even 20 Latin American Spanish talent? Look no further! We have the resources for any of your needs. All local talent native to that country who have bee in our country for less than 8 year maximum. We make sure your localization will be authentic to the specific country it is intended for.

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