Our Studios are designed

with the latest equipment in audio

recording and video/graphic editing making us competitive with any of the high-end boutique studios

around the world.

Recording Studio A & B

  • Pro Tools / Vegas Pro 15

  • Source Connect

  • ipDTL

  • Phone Patch (Inkeeper-1R)

  • Skype

Video Graphic Editing Studio C & D

  • Final Cut X & Pro 7

  • Adobe Production Suite

  • Vegas Pro

  • Articulate/ Storyline

All studios are connected and equipped with same technology no matter which studio you are in.  Even if you are somewhere else you can always listen into our production through Skype,

Source Connect, or Phone Patch.

Ear Balm Audio Video

261 West 35th Street  Suite 502/ 5th Floor
New York, NY 10001

Office Phone: 718-483-5820

email: info@earbalmaudiovideo.com

Phone Patch: 212-239-8694
Skype: ear.balm
SourceConnect: earbalm

Client room Ear Balm Audio Video Edit