Whether you need a voice over recording for industrial videos, teleprompts, training tutorials, animation or TV and radio commercials, you can always rely on Ear Balm Audio Video for great, professional audio created exactly the way you and your clients want it. Our trained team consisting of experienced engineers, voice directors, project managers and skilled, professional talent work together to make sure that each job is handled with meticulous care in order to insure the best professional product possible! Some of the audio services we provide are:

• Voice-Over Recording

• ADR/Recording To Picture

• Lip Sync, Phrase Sync, UN Style Overdubbing

• Teleprompt Multi-File Recording

• Voice Casting

• Custom Voice Casting

• SFX and Foley Recording

• Audio Editing and Processing

• Multitrack Mixing

All our studios are equipped with state of the art recording technology which will make whatever project you have sound terrific! Our sound booths are dead silent and can handle one to several microphones during the record process. From condenser vocal microphones to shotgun mics, we have an assortment of microphones to give the exact sound you need for your project. The quality and sound from each studio is identical. Our microphones and recording processing equipment are exactly the same for each studio in order to insure consistency in high-quality no matter which studio you are in. Our audio studios give us the correct tools to create consistent, high-quality, creative audio recordings every time!

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